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Secrets Of Making Your CV Searchable


You have updated your CV and uploaded it to all relevant Job sites, but still not getting job calls?


Do you think your CV is searchable?


Making your CV searchable means keeping its visibility high, in job portals, career sites and wherever you have uploaded it.


Physics behind it :


You need to understand: How recruiters search for profiles


Recruiters all around the world primarily use social media sites, job portals, and applicant tracking systems.


There are millions of profiles available in these channels. So how recruiters find out right profile?


So first recruiters enter keywords in the recruitment channel they are using ( keywords are those skill which they need necessarily in a candidate’s profile). Along with keywords, they enter different other criteria like location, salary range, years of experience, industry etc.


Now, these portals, LinkedIn, ATS (applicant tracking system) works in an almost same way as Google.


So now their search algorithm put these filters on their resume database, they search for these keywords in your resume and in your personal profile and then present filtered results to recruiters.



Now the next thing -What you should do to make your CV searchable –







  • Complete your personal profile at portals, applicant tracking system, social media etc :


Whichever portal and social media sites you are using for job search, make sure to complete your personal profile there thoroughly. Incomplete application or profiles never get preference.



  • Keep your profile active –


You need to keep your profile updated in the same way you keep your CV updated. This applies specifically in job portals, where recently updated profiles get preferences. In fact, recruiters can even see, when you have last updated your profile or resume, and this gives them an idea of whether you are looking for a job actively or not.

In LinkedIn, there is a section where you can mention if you are actively looking for new opportunities, so whenever recruiter will search for profile relevant to your skill set, they will get your profile along with the message that you are looking for a change.

Job sites and portals always show active profiles in initial results. And recruiters also prefer to contact those who are actively looking for job change.



  • Add keywords wisely


So the most important thing, which you should do in order to make your CV searchable, is to add keywords.


Which keywords to add:


It depends on what kind of job profile you are targeting, your experience, core competencies, and skills. Basically, you should embed highlights of the job description in your CV in form of keywords.


As recruiters mostly use keywords in the job description to search profiles as they are the most relevant ones.


For example :


If you are applying for social media marketing role, then make sure to add keywords like: “Social media” “Marketing” “SEO” (find more keywords in the job description) in your CV.


Even while specifying certification details, project experience, part-time job & training experience, award or achievements (related to the job you are applying for ) in CV, add necessary keywords in the description.


For instance –


You were part of some committee in your college, where you were involved in the branding of college via social media channels, so you can add and elaborate this experience in your CV.


“As a lead person of student committee, I was involved in enhancing the reach of college by increasing visibility of college in social media circles, I have used quite a few social media marketing strategies like SEO  for the same and achieved 20% growth in college website traffic”


Here “social media”, “social media marketing strategies” & “SEO” will serve as keywords. So when a recruiter will use these keywords while searching profiles, your CV will appear in search results.


Another example:


If you are applying for some other job which requires HR recruitment skills. In such a case, you can elaborate on this experience in some other way –


“As a lead person of student committee, I was responsible for the selection and recruitment of other committee members, record maintenance and event organizations and coordination.”


in above example keywords are “selection” “recruitment” “coordination” & “record maintenance”


And use these keywords not only in your CV but in your portal profile also. As mentioned earlier make sure to fill all sections of your profile and if you find any section such as “Key Skills” or “Job Skills” etc. Then add all relevant keywords there also.


In today’s job market, especially if you are working in an industry like IT, where job movements are pretty high. It is highly important to make your CV searchable & a real eye catcher. So that not only it stands out brilliantly, but it also appears in every search result and you will be the first one to get a call from a recruiter. This will improve your chances of getting a relevant job. And you will save a bucket load of time by not getting irrelevant calls and not giving Interviews for the profiles you don’t want to work.



So to make your CV searchable, update it smartly and wait for that next exciting offer to come.





– TheCareerSailor


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