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How To Make Perfect Resume For First Job Search


First job search is quite challenging and it requires utmost care as it builds the base of your career. Everyone wants to land a dream job, especially when one is about to finish college. And what is the first and foremost step of the job search, of course, writing a perfect resume.




Now let me tell you the other side of the picture: What HR or recruiter see in a fresher’s resume? For an entry-level position influx of resume is very high. So HR spends roughly a few seconds over a single resume, so only that much time a resume get to make an impression.




So the objective is to write a perfect resume, which captures all relevant information in a professional and sincere manner.





A perfect resume is a key to get an interview opportunity. You do not want to leave an opportunity because of a badly written resume.




Resume writing as a fresher is totally different as compared to resume writing for an experienced professional. As experienced professionals have a lot to showcase in their CV in terms of skill, work experience, project experiences etc. Which is not the case with the fresher.



So as a fresher a lot of questions comes in mind, like what Information should be displayed at top of the resume, what should be in the middle, what information to include and what information to leave.



Here is a checklist which can help a fresher in sorting out all the stuff to write down a perfect resume-



The Header Of A Resume :


The header of a resume must showcase information such as


1.Your full name

2.Phone Number and Email ID (Updated one )



Objective and Goals :



If you are choosing to add objective and goal section in your CV, then keep it concise and related to the role you are applying for.


Write an objective which says who you are, what you can offer and what your career plan is.


“As an HR professional, I am seeking to make a long-term career with an organization, where I can utilize my learning and skills to enhance my professional growth along with the organizational growth”



Education Details :



These details play a much important role as some companies are very strict about educational qualifications especially when it comes to fresher hiring –


  1. Name of school/college/university
  2. Percentage/GPA secured
  3. Year of passing



Experience Section :



If you have any experience as an intern, trainee or of a part-time job, then add that experience in your CV as well unless it is too irrelevant. Tailor that experience to make it look relevant to the job you are applying for.


For instance: You have done an internship in marketing and now you are applying for a job in HR department, so you can tailor your description of internship and highlight skills such as people skills, negotiation skills which are relevant in HR as well.



Projects Undertaken :



Add projects you have worked on in your college or in a part-time job. Write a short description of the project and learning from it. Point here again is to maximize chances of resume consideration by making your resume look relevant to the job you are applying for.



Key Skills :



If you have any professional affiliations, certifications, publications, programming language knowledge then, do not miss to add them to your resume.



Address And Link To Social Media Profile :


Add both permanent and local address. Do not forget to add a link of your LinkedIn Profile. If you are applying for a position such as graphic designer then you can add a link to your online portfolio as well.



Overall Appearance :



The resume should look very clean, professional and readable at first glance.

Choose professional and simple font, use light fond color, proper use of bold letters and headlines and enough blank space make a resume look easy on eyes.


Refer this to choose font:  Best font for resume



Add Keywords :


Read the job description carefully, understand the requirement and then tailor your resume by adding relevant keywords to it.


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Avoid these mistakes while writing resume/CV.


How To Write A Perfect Resume As A Fresher







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