Mistakes to avoid while writing resume
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Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Resume


What is the sole objective you want to achieve through your resume?


Sell yourself to get a chance to attend Interview. Right !!


But what if your resume is not selling you properly, even after adding all relevant details.


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Resume writing for mid level professionals


You are the only one who is not receiving any interview call, while the rest of your colleague/friends are attending Interviews. Frustrating isn’t it?



So what it is that you are doing wrong?


Maybe you are adding all those unnecessary details, which are making your resume look too lengthy and irrelevant for the job.



Remember that your resume should reflect that you are in match with the role. So avoid putting any information on your resume, which dilutes this message.



What Mistakes To Avoid To Write A Perfect Resume



Here are a few mistakes to avoid while writing a resume :



Making It Difficult To Read :


Light fond color, too small or too large or irregular font size, a mixture of different font styles, complex formatting makes resume difficult to read, distracting, and annoying.


If you are not paying attention to the above-mentioned things while making the resume. Then there are higher chances, that your resume might get rejected in the screening stage itself.



Irrelevant Objective/Goals Statement & Skills :


Refrain yourself from putting any statement in form of objective/goals or skills, which you will not be able to justify at the time of the interview.


Mentioning “excellent communication” as your skill and then failing to show that at the time of interview. Or mentioning “seeking leadership position” as your objective, then failing to justify it to the interviewer, when he/she asked you any leadership based situational question, is a sure shot way to get rejected.


The point here is to refrain from adding any false key skills, objective, goals, achievement, which can cause backfire at the time of interview.



Irrelevant Experiences :


If you have any experience part-time/full-time, which is not relevant to the job you are applying for, then either skip adding it or keep it short.


If you have many years of experience, then add experiences in reverse chronological order. And keep initial experiences as short and concise as possible.


The purpose is to not increase the length of your resume by putting information, which are not relevant to the job role you have applied for.



Adding Too Many Hobbies And Interests :


It is better to skip adding hobbies and interests unless they are relevant to the job or transferable to job-related skills.



Not Adding LinkedIn Account Link :


Although not adding a LinkedIn account link is not gonna affect your candidature but it is advisable to add this. Why?


Firstly, most of the people skip adding their LinkedIn account link, so doing so will give you an edge over others.


Secondly, when recruiter /HR manager clicks on the link and view your profile, you will get a notification for the same and you will get to know that HR has checked your CV. And also you can connect with that HR /Recruiter over LinkedIn.


Incomplete Contact Info:


Such an obvious detail, but still job seeker miss it.


Make sure to mention your full name, updated contact details which includes contact-number, email ID, current location, and address.


Recruiters need this information for record purpose so make sure to always update these details on your resume.



Sending It As A Word Document :


It is better to save your resume in PDF format, for it makes the resume look neat and clean. Also, there are chances of your formatting getting disturbed once your word file (.doc file) get opened by the recruiter.



Irrelevant Details :


You need to share a few details only when your candidature reaches a certain level of discussion, so refrain from sharing or mentioning them in your resume. These details are:


1. References details

2. Family members details

3. CTC & notice period details

4. Passport and PAN no.



Not Adding Relevant Keywords :


Adding keywords to your resume is important to make it searchable If you do not do it, your resume might not get past the initial filtering.


Learn here how to do that: Make CV searchable



mistakes to avoid while making resume /CV


So follow these tips on mistakes to avoid while writing resume and aim for making a perfect resume.









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