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Campus To Corporate : How To Have A Rocking Start At New Job


That “The Pursuit of Happyness” moment, when you receive your first job offer for the new job.


What to do on your first day at job


That amazing feeling, when you know that from now on you will be earning your own money and no more studies of course.


Among all these happy feelings, you should not forget that to have a smooth campus to corporate transition few things require to be taken care of.


An office is no college, you need to make some major changes in your lifestyle, no more staying up late and watching your favorite teleseries, deadlines are literally deadlines here, you have to be at your best always and the first impression lasts long here. You have to be good at networking, unlike college you do not get to choose friends here, whoever will be your colleagues, you will have to deal with them.


So here is a checklist to prepare for this new chapter of corporate life:



How to have a smooth start at a new job




Get to know the company : 


Follow your company on various social media platforms and gather information about its history, culture, technological domains, employee strength, services, solutions, products etc. Connecting with existing employees of the company through LinkedIn is another good way to get more understanding and insights about the company.


The purpose is to get familiar with the organization you are going to work with. After joining, It will help you in taking participation in different discussions and equip you with different relevant questions to ask.


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Balance it out :


Maintain a positive attitude, once you join a new organization. Nobody likes a “Know it all”, who from the very first day jump into every discussion and give solutions. And also people don’t like those, who are too shy to interact and does not take initiatives or contribute to discussions.


Balance it out, when you have something significant to contribute, then don’t hesitate and share but if you don’t know about something or are not sure about something than better to be a listener and acknowledge others’ points.



Be a keen observer :



Although your colleagues will tell you how things work within the team or in the company in general, yet the best way to learn is by paying attention and by observing every little detail. It will help you in figuring out working pattern within different teams, backgrounds of team members, workflow structure and a lot of other things like who reports who, who has a much say in the team.



Takes notes :


In initial few days, you will be dealing with lot many things like getting an understanding of your core work, policies, standard operating procedures, organizational structure, remembering names of the team members, and many other things. So it is better to take notes of important things.


You do not want to run to your team members repeatedly asking same things, doing so creates a really bad impression and this is the most common mistake new joiners make.



Interaction with colleagues :


Get acquainted with your colleagues, do not hesitate to ask relevant questions. You may not like some of your colleagues but you need to learn how to deal with them so keeping patience is a key here.


Drawing a line between personal and professional lives is important while interacting with new colleagues.


Participate in different events happening in the organization, attend team outings and other after office hours activities to learn more about your colleagues.


Understanding your colleagues’ nature will help you in finding ways to work with them and deal with them in different situations.



Stay away from office politics and gossip :


Most common mistake: indulging in office gossip from your early days.


Try to stay away from office politics and gossip chain as much as possible. If you get stuck in such situation then be a silent listener and observer. Do not take sides and make opinions on the basis of what other people are saying. Once you will start getting an understanding of your colleagues, you will learn who is more prone to drama and who is not.


Eventually, there will be no avoiding it but try to keep yourself in the safe zone as much as possible.



Managing work stress :


One big challenge everybody faces in his/her first job is managing work stress. Meeting new people, adjusting to a new environment and a lot of new stuff create stress.


Proper sleep, healthy food, daily exercise, and meditation are some ways that can keep stress at bay.



Professional ethics :


Do not forget to follow basic professional ethics and office etiquettes like;


  • Punctuality
  • Dress code
  • IT ethics
  • Sticking to deadlines
  • Office protocol
  • Body language and soft skills



Tips on how to have a good start at new Job



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