Questions to be asked by candidates from the interviewer at the end of Interview
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What Questions Candidates Should Ask At The End Of An Interview


You have given your best in the interview but what else you can do to give your candidature edge over others’ candidature.


For one position interviewers take a lot of interviews. How are you going to ensure that he/she remembers you?


What is that one thing which most of the candidates skip doing?


They do not ask any questions at the end of the interview.



Interview Questions To Be Asked At The End Of An Job Interview


Now next thing. What kind of questions one should ask?



It depends on various things like-


  • The position you are interviewing for.
  • Your level of seniority.
  • Round of interview you are in.


There are some examples/samples from which you can take a clue about the kind of questions one should ask at the end of an interview. You can modify or alter these questions according to the flow of Interview.



About The Role :


Gather as much information as you can about the role you are applying for.

It will help you in your preparation for next round of Interview and also in making an informed decision whether the role is suitable for you or not.


  • Whether it is a new position or a replacement one.

  • What is the team structure?

  • What are the criteria for performance measurement and what kind of appraisal cycle company follows?

  • How will this role be growing over the years?

  • What duties and responsibilities will be expected from this role?

  • What one can expect to learn from this role.



About The Company :


You can gather basic information about the company through its website, social media accounts but some real insights about the company can be gathered only by asking the right set of questions from the interviewer.


  • The company is in which growth phase currently?

  • What does this company value the most?

  • What kind of culture the company has?


This information can help you in building your negotiation strategy as well: Read here



About The Interviewer :


Asking questions from the Interviewer about his work and his own take on the company is a really bold thing to do, but it will give you genuine inside about company.


  • What have you enjoyed most working here?

  • Give me two pros and cons of working here.

  • How long have you been with this company?

  • How much have you grown in this company?




So from now on when the interviewer asks “Any questions for me”, do not leave this opportunity and also do not waste it by asking mundane or naive questions.



Asking question at the end of Interview from Interviewer
why candidates should always ask questions at the end of Interview



Ask thoughtful, meaningful and smart questions to clear your doubts and to collect information about the role and company which is otherwise difficult to get.




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