Professional attire can add on to ones success at work place
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Dress For Success : Does It Matter?


When millennials see Mark Zuckerberg and some other CEOs wearing hoodies and jeans, they think that the era of professional attire is long gone. But that is not true.


Maybe the line between business casuals and business formals has been blurred today but whether you are in professional attire or not matters a lot even today.







Now the question pops up. Why?


We should have the freedom to wear what we want and no one should judge us on the basis of the clothes we wear but the world is not perfect. Right? And in order to survive, we have to follow some norms.


Although it is no longer required to be in a business suit all the time, except in some fields. Yet maintaining a professional decency in your attire is always advisable.



There is no denying the fact that the first impression matters. Remember that how professionally you dress yourself up contributes a lot in this. People subconsciously judge each other on the basis of appearance, it is in human nature, that is how our brain works, and that is how we have been conditioned over the years.



So now let’s talk about what is acceptable in professional attire and what is not.



  • Simple, elegant and classy outfits :

Choose outfits as per your office attire policy or nature of the event.


  • Aim to look well put together :

Opt for clean ironed clothes made up of comfortable material and in subtle and neutral color.


  • What to avoid:

Sloppy look, tattoos, strong perfume, too bright colors etc.


  • Keep things minimal :

Men/Women should choose dark leather shoes or socks. Hair should be neatly styled. Women should wear minimal accessories.



  • How to choose:


  1. Dress as per your clients
  2. Dress as per your field and industry
  3. Dress as per your position in the organization
  4. Dress as per dress code or attire policy



So it is really important to dress as you want to be perceived by others and another interesting aspect is when we dress well, we feel confident and we behave well. That is why dressing contributes a lot to your professional success.


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Why It Is Important To Dress Up Professionally




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