Common job Interview mistakes to avoid
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Common Mistakes To Avoid In An Interview


Have you ever felt like you were a great fit for a job opening and you have nailed that interview but still got rejected?



This is the case with 5 out of 10 candidates and surprisingly most of the time reasons for rejection were too obvious and totally avoidable.




Mistakes to avoid in an interview





So if you want to increase your chances of success in the next interview, then try to avoid these mistakes;





Inappropriate Attire :



It is important to follow the dress code or at least dress up professionally at the time of Interview. Many job seekers reach the interview venue dressing too casually and this immediately reduces their selection chances. As it gives the impression that you are not taking job opportunity seriously. Next time do not underestimate the importance of power dressing.




Asking Irrelevant And Inappropriate Questions :



Candidates who seem to be more focused towards things other than job role are most annoying candidates as per many recruiters. For instance, some candidates seem very eager about the paycheck, even in the technical discussion they ask questions about compensation part. Of course, money is important but learn to contain your excitement. Solve all your queries at the time of compensation discussion.


When you are asked by the interviewer to ask questions then use this opportunity to ask thoughtful questions to make a good impression.




Research About The Company : 



Don’t be one of those candidates, who perform really well in an interview but when asked: “What do you know about our company” they choose to stay silent or give some random made up answer which clearly signals that they forgot to research about the company.

Always make sure to go through the company website before the interview, browse LinkedIn profiles of those working with the company and use that information smartly in your answers. Knowing about the company helps you in projecting yourself as someone who can be a good fit for company culture.




Lying On Your Resume :



Mentioning incorrect information about your experience, skills, projects, and academics on the resume is the worst thing one can do. Doing this might open a door for an interview. But if you failed to justify whatever you mentioned in your resume at the time of the interview, you will have to face straight away rejection. Or some companies might even consider you a fake candidate and blacklist.



So avoid putting incorrect information on your resume at any cost.




Coming Across Either As Plain Desperate Or Uninterested :



Excessive follow-ups for feedback, showing over enthusiasm makes you look desperate for the role. Employer finds this kind of behavior fishy and this might lead them to give other candidate preference over you.


And the opposite behavior, where you take an endless amount of time to reply to employer’s email, never show any eagerness towards job role and responsibilities and avoid recruiter’s call makes you look an uninterested candidate. And nobody wants to hire an uninterested candidate.


Failure to produce required documents on time, negative body language, rude behavior are some other reasons which substantially diminish your selection chances.




You might be good at your core skills and performed well in an interview. But failure in maintaining your professional decorum throughout the recruitment process can take that job opportunity away from you.








So pay attention to your behavior and avoid these imbecile mistakes to crack that next interview.




-The Career Sailor



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