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5 TEDx Talks To Keep Your Motivation Level High


Feeling like stuck lately? Want to change your career? Come out of an unhealthy relationship?  Wish to lose weight or excel at some skills?


There are a lot many things we want from life but sometimes we just don’t find the driving force within.


So here we are presenting 5 TEDx talks that will give you the right amount of motivation and will help you in clearing your mental blockage and will make, that mammoth task you have set for yourself looks achievable.



Inspiring and Motivational TEDx Talks





1 ) How to stop screwing yourself over 


Mel Robbins: Who is top career and relationship expert in America, says that how convincing yourself that things are fine, you screw up chances of success.


She advises that if you sit and wait for the right moment to start something, then nothing is gonna change. You have to self-parent yourself and start taking steps right from today.


She explains how our brain works and suggests that whenever you have any idea or any impulse to do something, then act on it within 5 seconds else you will kill the motivation to work on it.


Her speaking style is spontaneous, witty and very powerful.


Watch this if you are finding yourself in a rut lately and finding it difficult to take that first step towards achieving the goal.





2) Turning adversity into opportunity


Muniba Mazari: A renowned artist and a writer, shares how tragedies of life helped her in becoming one of the top artists.

She shares how she focussed only on positivity and never let any physical weakness comes in her way of success.

She asks to say NO to self-pity in any of life’s tragic situation and never play the blame game and try to find opportunities in any circumstances life throws at you and be grateful for what you have.

Her speaking style is inspiring and will provoke you to look at the positive side of things happening to you.

Watch this if you feel like life has been unfair to you and to learn how to stay motivated in adverse situations.






3)The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong:


Amy Morin: Author of the best-selling book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”, known for her advice in building mental strength. She is also a renowned psychotherapist.


She talks about how even a small wrong action or reaction like always looking at other people’s social media profiles or bad mouthing your boss, can be destructive to your mental strength.


And further talks about 3 kinds of destructive behaviors to avoid in order to become mentally strong.


Like feeling sad is ok but feeling self-pity will keep you stuck in that situation forever.


She shares her life story and how she has learned that life will always throw unwanted situations to you, but by keeping your mental strength strong you can always keep moving.


Her speaking style is full of anecdotes, inspirations, and ideas.


Watch this if you need the motivation to come out from any difficult or tragic situation.




4) How to be awesome at anything you do



Tasha Eurich: Specialist in using the scientific approach to make leader better at their work and succeed.


She says powerful quotes like: “No one will truly invest in you, but YOU”. And talks about 3 steps of radical improvement to succeed at anything including leadership.


She shares that sometimes we failed at recognizing our incompetency and live in the delusion that everything about us is perfect which hinders personal growth so knowing the truth about your skills and then picking one thing at a time for improvement is a must for growth.


Her speaking style is energetic and full of examples.


Watch her if you want to find the motivation to excel at something.






5) How comfort will ruin your life


Bill Eckstrom: He is a famous entrepreneur, author & speaker.


He introduces the idea of “Growth Rings”, where he suggests that what makes you comfortable can ruin you and what makes your uncomfortable can make you grow.


He shares his story that how getting fired from the job turned out to be the best thing happened to him. Because it caused a massive amount of discomfort to him which leads him to take steps he wouldn’t have taken had he remained in a stable job.


He explains a very interesting science behind this concept.


He further states that how coaches & teachers can use this technique to trigger growth in their students’ life.


His speaking style is thought-provoking, content-rich and motivational.


Watch this if you feel like your life has become stagnant and need some motivation to start something new.







5 best inspiring and motivational TEDx talks




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