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How to Answer Interview Question – Tell Me About Yourself.


Tell me about yourself or Introduce yourself or Give a brief introduction of yours.


This one interview question is always there in every interview.

And no matter how boring it feels to answer this, you just can not skip this.

Surprisingly candidates find this question as one of the most difficult one.

But talking about yourself shouldn’t be difficult, as who knows you better than yourself.

Still, candidates struggle to answer this. Why because of below-mentioned points:



  • Where to start?

  • What exactly Interviewer wants to know?

  • What to include and what to skip?

  • How much details to give?


All in all, even after having so much information in their hand, It is difficult to frame a good answer to this question.


And that is exactly what we are going to cover in this post; How to frame a perfect answer of “Tell me about yourself”



 1.Where to start:


Start by describing yourself in 1-2 line:


Keep it interesting. As opening statements get more attention and can make or break your whole answer.

Sample Answer:  Myself Girish, MBA degree holder, marketing enthusiast who loves to travel (Keep it interesting)


Next move to your current job profile:


Currently associated with XYZ group as a Marketing Manager for FMCG division from last 3 Yrs. Joined here as an executive and then promoted to Marketing Manager.

In brief, my job profile includes the implementation and development of marketing strategies, market trend analysis, social media branding, market research. (Keep it concise and concrete)

I achieved 100% target throughout my tenure here and introduced 2-3 new strategies in our marketing plan which resulted in 20% more customer attention. ( Talk about figures and results here to grab attention)


Past experiences: 


Prior to this job I have done part-time marketing job with an FMCG company. During my MBA, I have done my summer internship with ABC company(Give short description of those jobs, which are not much relevant to current job opening)


Reason for the change:


Over the years my job stint has taught me some great lessons and lately, things have been very stable in my current job role, and nothing much left to learn and implement now(Keep it short, as you might have to answer it later in detail)


Why this Job:


Now I am looking forward to becoming a part of an exciting and developing organization, which welcomes innovative ideas and where I can utilize my learning for the organizational growth along with my personal growth.



2. What exactly Interviewer wants to know :


1. While answering you need to share information about those experiences, skills, and abilities which you think are relevant to the job, you are interviewing for and that’s exactly what interviewer wants to check, that how much you have understood the job role and how much do you think your profile is suitable for that. (So understand the job role and company culture thoroughly and tailor your answer as per that)


2. Communication skills and confidence is the first thing interviewer will notice, when you answer this question. So keep confidence level high and practice this answer multiple time before coming to interview, so that you sound natural and structured in your approach.


3. Focus on selling yourself as an ideal candidate for this job by emphasizing on those skills and experience which are most required for this job. (Show off your sales skills here)


3. What to include and what to skip :


As mentioned above, while answering focus on sharing that information which is relevant to the job, rest of the information you can share as the interview unfolds.


This answer can be a great way to steer the interview as per your wish, if the facts and skills you mentioned in this answer found interesting by the interviewer, then he might ask rest of his questions on those lines only. 



4. How much details to give :


You do not require to go into too many details, as this will make your answer too long and might break interviewer’s attention.


Like in sample answer Girish has only shared “Keywords” of his current job role, he didn’t go in-depth explaining how he does that. He knows that he might have to explain these things in details in rest of the interview.


Now let’s talk about from the HRs perspective:


HR/hiring managers find the answer to this question as the most interesting one. Why?

Because it helps them evaluate communication skills, self-analytical skills, confidence all in one go, along with that it gives them an idea about your interest level towards the role (More prepared you are, more interested you will sound) and also this answer opens the door for rest of the interview.


To conclude, remember answering this question is a very good opportunity to;


  • Make a Powerful first impression
  • Sell yourself
  • Show off your communication Skills
  • Show your interest towards the job
  • Show your fitment with the job


So prepare a good answer to this question by keeping guidelines mentioned above in mind and tailor your answer as per job description every time you go for an interview.


How To Answer Interview Question "Tell Me About Yourself"


-The Career Sailor

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