Tips to increase selection chances in an interview
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This One Trick Will Improve Your Selection Chances In An Interview


Job search cycle is as usual. You make an outstanding CV ⇒ network with people ⇒ ask them to refer ⇒ apply for jobs ⇒ give interviews ⇒ clear interviews ⇒ get hired.


Then why it is difficult to get the job you have been eyeing for so long. What if, you learn that one trick which increases your selection chances instantly.


Now let’s see the other side of the picture.


All the search for finding the right candidate ends on one note. “Job Fit”

There is a famous HR saying “It is not about finding the best candidate, it is about finding a right-fit candidate”


If you are an exact fit against the requirement, you will get hired. So the trick to increase your selection chances is to prove how fit you are for the job.


But the bigger question here is how to make yourself fit for the job you have applied and how to prove that you are fit for the role.




Learn this one trick to improve your selection chances in an interview




Let’s see step by step how to do it.



First Step:


Read and interpret job description carefully. What skills they are looking for, what skills are must have and what skills are good to have then check how your existing skills are aligning with required skills. If you have required skills then brush them up. If you don’t have few required skills, then think how you can make your existing skills look transferable and how you can prove that you are working towards acquiring required skills.


This exercise will tell you, what questions would be asked in the interview. This will further save you from surprises as you will be mentally prepared to answer questions based on skills you don’t even have. You can calmly find a way to convince the interviewer that even though you don’t have few skills, you are still the best guy for the job.




Second Step:


Know the company inside out. How? Check website thoroughly:


“About Us” section – Learn about milestone company has achieved.

“Recent achievements and News” section- Learn about new happenings in the organization like new investments, products, acquisition & mergers etc.

Learn basics– Company size, location, history etc.

Check company portfolio– Products, and services etc.

Follow the company on all social media channels– Get a glimpse of the company’s culture by following it on twitter, FB, LinkedIn etc.




Third step:


Use external sources to gather information-


LinkedIn can be a great help in this. Browse profiles of people already working in the organization, network with them, get your queries solved. Also, visit the company page on LinkedIn.

This all can be a great help in knowing insides about the job and culture of a company.

Glassdoor is another helpful tool because you will get to know feedbacks from people, who are already working or earlier worked with the organization.


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Fourth Step :


Getting an understanding about the company is not enough, spend some time to know about the industry. Learn about the competitors. Basically, understand the market company is working in.




Fifth Step: 


Once you have collected all the information, the next step is to use it smarty in your answers.



Present yourself as a fit against company culture


An organization’s culture is an amalgamation of its belief, values, work pattern, communication and many other characteristics. Organisations follow different cultures; Team building, customer first, open communication, innovation & creativity enhancing culture, or conventional or hierarchy culture. While gathering information about the company, you will get a fair understanding of its culture. So project yourself accordingly in the interview.


For instance: You have learned that company you are giving an interview for, follow the client first culture and promotes open communication. So cites examples where you have served clients despite all the odds or where you have directly worked with top management on some projects and achieved success.

“Cultural fit” is the most sought-after quality employers look for in a new hire. So if a candidate exhibit characteristics that are congruent with their organizational culture, chances of selection increases instantly.



Topics to avoid: 


If you have learned a few negative points about the company, then try not to bring them up during the interview. For instance: You got to know that that company prefers those who can work for long hours and is not the best place for work-life balance (Considering you are fine with this), then try not to bring that up during the interview.



Skills to put emphasis on:


After reading the job description and conducting thorough research about the company and its employees, you will be equipped with knowledge of what they look for in an employee, in terms of personal attributes and technical skills – Now while answering any question about your skills, put emphasis on those skills which are desirable by the employer.



Show that you know the company better:


All that learning you had while browsing the company’s website and LinkedIn- Use it wisely in your answers. Mention its products, history, new launches etc. here and there in your answers. Talk about the company’s industry, clients, and its competitors in your discussion with the interviewer, this will create an extremely positive impact.



Prepare good answers:


Use all the information to prepare an impactful answer to “What do you know about the company” or “Why do you want to work for our company” questions.



You will be amazed to see how quickly you will get hired by following all the steps and presenting yourself as best fit person for the job.


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