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Things Candidates Do That Irks Recruiter

Recruiter – your hiring process companion. They will assist you throughout the recruitment process. They are your first point of contact with the company. So having a good professional relationship with your recruiter is really important.



Remember recruiters need to find the suitable candidate as much as you need the job. And as recruiters represent employer and candidate both, they have to maintain a balance. If recruiter likes you, they will make substantial efforts to make employer likes you. And also they will try hard to propose you best possible offer as they will not want to lose you.



But for all that, first, you should be liked by a recruiter.



If your skills and qualifications are in perfect match with the requirement then you have won the half battle. But apart from job-related skills, there are few other qualities recruiter look for in a candidate as to make them presentable in front of the hiring manager.



Now knowing what can irk recruiter will help you in presenting yourself in a good manner in front of the recruiter.


Recruiter hate these things in a candidate


  • When You Lack Enthusiasm About Role Or Company:


Ask any recruiter, this one is the biggest turn-off. If you sound dull and sluggish over the phone then you are narrowing down your chances of selection.


So while interacting with the recruiter make sure to show excitement about the role and company. Share what you already know about the company and what excites you about the job. Ask relevant questions about the company and job role. 


Do not do anything which makes you look uninterested. And keep the level of enthusiasm same in all the phases of recruitment.



  • When You Lack Responsiveness:


Are you the one who tends to forget your cell phone here and there and take too long to respond to emails and messages. if yes, then this one is for you. Recruiters do not like people who are not prompt in their responses. As only after your response they can confirm anything to hiring managers. So delay at your end will ultimately cause a delay in their responses to the hiring manager, and this can affect their workplace image. So do not make recruiters hate you by being unresponsive.


  • When Your Resume Lacks Substance:


You might be the best fit for the job but if you not showing it off on your resume, then you are creating an entry barrier for yourself. The recruiter might not even call you if they do not find your resume impressive enough.

As again they have to present your resume to hiring manager so they do not want to take a risk with a not so attractive resume.


So tip for you- tailor your resume as per job requirement and make it look as much relevant to the job as possible.


  • When You Are Too Casual: 


A recruiter might call you day and night and asks you almost about everything but it does not give you the right to start behaving causally. Remember if you are lacking professionalism in your approach, then you are in trouble. Nobody wants to hire an unprofessional one.



  • When You Lack Commitment: 


Lack of commitment is something which is not praised by anyone and recruiters are no exception. They might not get a sense of your low commitment level at initial stages but once they will start realizing it, they will start giving preference to other candidates.


So refrain from doing anything like not showing up at interview venue on time or not sharing required documents etc.


Recruiter get annoyed by these things


So make sure to avoid doing any of the above things to improve your selection chances.





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