How To Clear Interview as a fresher
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Tips To Crack Job Interview As A fresher


Cracking an interview itself is a tough task and when you are a fresher, it becomes even more difficult.


As a fresher, you do not have any work experience to brag, much skills to showcase and literally zero experience of handling intimidating interviewers.


You have no idea, how the interview is gonna unfold or how you can steer it in the right direction.



Tips on How to Crack Job Interview Being A fresher



Having a few tips handy can help you a lot- Check it out what are these tips;



Find out your USP (unique selling point):


An interview is all about selling yourself, so find out your USP. Something which gives you a competitive edge over other candidates. It can be great communication skills, an impressive internship experience, any part-time job experience, project experiences, excellent analytical skills or people skills etc.


Make sure to highlight your USP throughout the interview in a subtle way. And speak about it in such a way that it looks relevant to the job you are applying for. The interviewer should get the feel; how hiring you is beneficial to them.



Sharpen your basics/ fundamentals:


There will definitely be question-based on your academic syllabus so in whichever fields you have done your studies in, make sure your basics are strong.


And more importantly, you should know how to use those basics in practical situations. Case studies, situational questions are the popular ways to gauge candidates’ fundamentals. And to clear them your basics should be strong.



Soft Skills:


Since you do not have any work-related technical skills to rely on, focus more on creating a good impression with extraordinary soft skills.


Having an outstanding body language, ability to interact and communicate effectively, and a positive attitude are few aspects of soft skills, which are desirable in almost all jobs.



Impressive Resume:


To stand out from the crowd, write an excellent resume.

 Your resume should be such, that interviewer would want to more about you.


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Take internship seriously:


Internships are your first on the job experience, talk as much you can about it in the interview.


The experience you have gathered in an internship, make it look transferable to the job you are interviewing for.



Be prepared for the cognitive ability test or psychometric assessment :


While hiring for a fresher most of the companies opt for these tests for screening and to check general intelligence. These tests are generally the combination of numerical aptitude, verbal skills, and logical reasoning.

You can get various mock tests available online, you can use these tests for preparation.



Research about the company:


Do thorough research about the company. And make sure to incorporate your findings into your answers.


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Prepare how to answer commonly asked interview questions:


Few questions are there in every interview, so make sure to have well-prepared answers in your kitty.


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Avoid common mistakes :


Arriving late, nervousness, unable to recall things, casual attire etc. are few things which can upset the interviewer in the initial stage itself. So be alert and not to make these mistakes.


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