How to Motivate Yourself For Job Change or Career Change
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How To Motivate Yourself For Job Change

How you truly feel about your work or job?


Do you feel passionate, energetic at your workplace? Or do you feel stuck, stressed and low on energy?


Most of us ignore the feeling of hate towards our work or job and continue doing it. We spend an almost equal amount of time at our workplace as we spend at our home so we deserve to be in a happy workplace or doing the work which we like to do.


Sometimes being unhappy at the workplace is a temporary feeling but when you start feeling like that almost every day then you have some serious thinking to do.


Basically, if you are unhappy with your job then you are not doing any favor by staying in that.


Sometimes even after knowing that this job is not for you, you remain stuck, you tell yourselves it is just a temporary phase. Especially once you have settled in one place you start ignoring signs and choose to remain in the same place as you fear that any new change will bring more challenges.



It’s not a rocket science to know you are in a wrong job, but what is most difficult is to initiate steps to come out and look for a new one.





How To Motivate Yourself For Job Change





Find out what is stopping you-


Ask yourself what is that one thing which is stopping you from taking an initiative for the job change. It might be some financial reason, work-life balance, a helpful boss or a good team. You have to let go of the fear that you might not find all these benefits in a new job and for that, you need to connect with people working with different organizations and ask them about their job benefits.



List out your growth plans –



Write down your growth plans and see if your current organization is helping you in achieving that. This exercise will give you a clear picture of your future and whether your current organization is a right place to continue or not.


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Get a reality check-


It’s good that your organization is giving you so many perks and benefits but does it doing anything for your professional life? Are you doing the same work you were doing last year and so? Is there nothing new to add to your resume? Or even if you are getting growth in your organization the biggest question Are you happy?



Explore other options- 


Do the research about other companies. Talk to your network. Make a good CV and give interviews at other places. This all will give you a clear picture of your future prospects and your current worth in the market.


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Consider changing the field-


If after all this research and exercise you feel that it’s not the company but the job that you don’t like. And even after you change the company, your feelings towards the job will not change. Then you should consider changing your field.


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Take inspiration from others-



Look up at other people who took the risk, changed their job or field and now growing at a fast pace. If possible talk to them and take tips from them.


Take inspiration from others



Staying in the same job for a long period of time without any significant growth will diminish your value in the job market. And whenever you finally gather the courage to make a move, that time you might not find yourself getting selected anywhere or even if you get selected getting adjusted at the new place and with new colleagues will again be a new challenge.


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A handsome package always gets preference over happiness. Many people continue to stay in their job or work because they make decent money even though they feel unhappy at the end of the day.



And sometimes you want to stay in your current job or career because that was your plan all along. Even you feel unhappy you keep telling yourself “this is what I have always wanted to do”. But life constantly changes and so your priorities. The job where you were able to give 10-12 hours a day, after 2-3 years you might not be able to devote that much time. The career which was your dream many years ago might not fit into your current life picture and your future goals. So these all are not the valid reasons to stay in a soul-sucking place and kill your dreams or passion and make your life miserable.


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Take a well-thought decision, plan out your change and make a smooth exit to pursue your dreams and to live a happy life.





How To Motivate Yourself For Job Change or Career Change





























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