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Interview Tips For Introverts

There is no doubt that the corporate world is dominated by extroverts. Interviewers like them more because they are quick in creating an impression. Their ideas get preference in meetings. They are smooth talkers so are liked by colleagues. But when it comes to productivity, do they deliver anything more than introverts?


Researchers say- No, introverts are equally capable as extroverts even their traits are different.


Science says that connection of verbalizing part and thinking part of the brain is much longer in introvert than extroverts. That is why introverts are not good at thinking on their feet but they possess so many other valuable traits which are not there in extroverts- Keen observers, thoughtful communicators, good listeners, and better leaders.


Even after possessing so many qualities, introverts often get neglected in today’s corporate world. Which is unfortunate as introverts proved to be better leaders than extroverts.


We have Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Warren Buffett who are known as introverts but still very successful in their respective fields.


There are few things introverts absolutely hate such as small talk, selling themselves and talking for hours and that is why interviews are more painful for introverts as compared to extroverts. But it does not mean that introverts can not fare well in an interview although they have to be more prepared as compared to extroverts. So here we will talk about a few interview tips for introverts.



Interview Tips For Introverts



Interview Tips For Introverts –


  • Introverts hate pointless small talk. All other times you have an option to not participate but not at the time of interview. Keep your hate aside this one time and do it. Think of it as a test so sport a fake smile and do that chitchat.


  • Introverts are into deep, substantial, well-thought conversations. They find it difficult to pretend to know things so if anything is asked out of their knowledge they get into trouble. But in an interview, this kind of scenario is most likely to happen and to avoid this, you have to gather as much knowledge and information about the company, role and the interviewer as you can. However, this is applicable to all candidates but as an introvert, you have to go an extra mile when it comes to research before the interview.


  • Introverts perform better if they are well prepared. So it is advantageous for you to prepare answers to some common interview questions well in advance. And predict some interview question on the basis of the job description and job role and prepare their answer.  “For introverts, preparation is the key to survive in this extrovert’s world, says Marti Olsen Laney, Ph.D., author of The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World  “


  • Talking too much drains introvert’s energy. So to save energy you should avoid doing anything before an interview. Go to some silent place, take few deep breaths, and rehearse your preparation as it will organize your thoughts and will put into a comfortable zone. Basically, try to be in a calm mental stage before the interview.


  • Try to convert interview into a discussion. Interviews are more dreading for introverts when there is constant questioning involve. Try to steer the interview in a direction where it becomes more of a discussion. For instance, If you are answering the question “What strategies did you follow to achieve this year’s target” so after answering you can ask the interviewer, what are his thoughts on those strategies. Basically to make yourself comfortable try to know more about the interviewer and his thoughts. As an introvert more comfortable you feel with the interviewer and the surroundings better you will perform.



Introverts should always choose a career field which is in line with their personality. Choosing a career where you have to work against your personality will drain your energy and will leave you unsatisfied at the end of the day.



There are few career fields which are advisable for introverts:


  • Graphic designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Author / Blogger
  • Market research analyst
  • Translator
  • Web Developer




So being an introvert is no reason to push yourself back in your career. Just work in line with your personality, follow above interview tips for introverts and maximize your potential by working on your strengths.



Interview Tips For Introverts







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