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What One Should Look For In A New Job


So you have finally decided to quit your job. Already wrote down an impressive CV and have started applying for the job. You are preparing answers to all possible interview questions. And making all kind of efforts to impress your future employer. So basically you are checking off every item from the to-do list of an active job seeker.



But have you made a list of what you should look for in a new job? You don’t want to end up in a job which later proved to be unfit for you. Or you don’t want to end up giving interviews here and there, only to get exhausted and frustrated later.



How To Evaluate Offered Job




Here are three parameters on which you should evaluate any new job role:




Job role and responsibilities -



Before applying for any job, try to get a complete understanding of job role, project and industry. If the job description is difficult to comprehend then get in a call with the recruiter. Why is this important? – It will give you answers to these 4 questions.



  1. Does this job is in line with your skills and expertise? Will this job do the justice to your current skills and experiences?

  2. How many skills, competencies and project experience you will be gaining after working on this job? How much you will be able to grow and learn in this job.

  3. After spending some time with this organization and in this role, how much your market worth will rise?

  4. Will this job is in the match with your future plans.



Cultural fit & Work-Life Balance:



David Needle in his book “An introduction to Business and its environment” define organizational culture as “It represents the collective values, beliefs, and is a product of factors such as history, product, market, technology, strategy, type of employees, management style. It also includes the organization’s vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, environment, location, beliefs, and habits.”


Cultural fit is one aspect which is mostly ignored by job seekers. So you need to check if your belief system, values, and work pattern are in the match with the organization’s.


Many new employees specifically those who get hired for senior positions, leave the job early even after getting a lucrative compensation and aspirational job role because their work pattern does not match with the work pattern of other employees and teams and this all creates a lot of resistance and ultimately job quit. So lack of cultural fit brings a lot of work friction and team members find it difficult to work in coordination with each other.


Work-life balance is another aspect to keep in check. If working for long hours and weekends is common in the organization, then think thoroughly if you are able to give that much of commitment. How much travel will require and are you physically fit to endure that much travel? Careful analysis of all these factors is important to save yourself from job burn out.




Compensation & benefits -


Many pieces of research say that better compensation and benefits are the topmost reasons for job search.


Have a calculation in mind how much money you need to sustain your living and is it justifiable against your job experience and skills. And make sure to convey this to the organization where you are giving an interview. You do not want to go through all stages of interview only to hear at the end that they won’t be able to pay you that much.


How To Negotiate Salary

How To Calculate Your Market Value


Apart from your annual earnings, make a list of benefits you need from the employer such as insurance, transportation allowances, leave travel policy. For eg. If you have dependable parents, then organizations who covers parental insurance will be beneficial to you. Or if you have a small kid so organizations paying for daycare cost can save a lot of money for you.




Taking these factor into consideration from the starting of your job search can save you from a lot of stress from giving interviews at wrong companies. So if you are planning for the job change, then make a list of your priorities today itself and start applying for jobs.





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