Why Personality Assesement Is Important For Career Growth

Why Personality Understanding Is Important For Your Career


That feeling when you realize you are in a wrong job or in a wrong career. And that is not because your boss is not supportive or you are not growing or any other reason. You just don’t feel it.


Or there are few issues in your job but you somehow are not able to deal with them, and this all is hampering your growth and making you feel demotivated.


Many pieces of research suggest that the biggest reason for the absence of job satisfaction is non-fitment of personality.


When it comes to finding a new job or career switch or growth in your current job, awareness of your personality is extremely crucial. Still, this is one aspect which is highly underrated in the Indian job market.



Your chances of growing in a job or in a career which is not compatible with your personality are very low. So assessing your aptitude, personality, interests, and other aspects can help you in finding a more suitable job or career. However, the ideal approach would be knowing about your personality type before the start of your career.


But if you have not done it then, then do it now to get more understanding of-In what role or career you should make a shift. It will not only help you in finding a suitable job but will also help you grow in that job as you will now be having a better understanding of different aspects such as :



  • Team Work pattern
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict Handling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • introversion or extroversion
  • Behavioral pattern



You can use the following tests to learn more about your personality-



1. The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

2. Disc Assessment

3. The Winslow Personality Profile

4.The Holtzman Inkblot Technique

5. Hexaco Personality Inventory

6. Process Communication Model

7. Hexaco Personality Inventory

8. The Revised Neo Personality Inventory (Neo Pi-R)

9. The Personality Assessment System

10. The Birkman Method

11. The Enneagram



Click here to learn more about these tests.


You can find these tests online. You can also take help of a career advisor to figure out which career will be most suitable as per your personality or what changes you should make in your working approach to become more successful in your current profession.


One of my LinkedIn connection shared her story that she was never too comfortable working in a team or in interacting with people. However, her role demanded her to do so and she always pushed herself to get fit within the team because corporate norms say that you should be a good team player but results were never very rewarding. After taking a personality test she got to know about her introvert personality and then asked her manager to shift her to a role where she can work as an individual contributor, her manager has given her a chance and she started showing great results.



So point here is that it is good to push yourself and come out of your comfort zone but what is more important- knowing yourself. Pushing yourself beyond a point and in total opposition to your personality is not going to give you great results.



Every one of us spends most of our time on our work, so if it is something which is not in alignment with one’s personality then it leads to building up a high level of frustration and dissatisfaction over the years.


So it is better to know about your personality and behavioral aspects in the early years of your career and then approach your professional growth accordingly.


Personality Assessment And Career Growth




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