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Check List For Those Who Are Willing For A Career Change


Making a career change is never an easy decision, it is like starting all over again. And this is the main reason many professionals choose to stay in their current career, even if they are no longer enjoying or growing in that career.


But if you are the one who is willing to take the risk and wants to spend rest of your work life in a career which is more fulfilling then this post is for you.



Here is a checklist for all those who are determined to embark on a new journey-



If it is a right decision:


If this is something you really want or you just feel the need for change because of a bad job or a horrible boss or for any other temporary reason. Sometimes you just need to change the job, not the whole career. So think a lot before making this decision as it is going to take a lot of energy of yours. But if you have decided and ready to go through all the struggle, then this decision can be life-changing for you.



After all, you spend more than half of your day at your job so you need to be at a place or in a career where you feel happy, motivated and feel satisfied at the end of the day.




Personality Assessment:



If you have not done it earlier at the time of start of your career then do it now. One of the reasons for your dissatisfaction with the current career can be non-compatibility of your personality with your career. So take some behavioral or personality assessment test to know yourself better. It will help you in making a sound decision on which career to choose next.





Career change requires double the efforts of a job change. Coming out of comfort zone and walking on an unknown territory is very scary so it becomes easy to give up and go back to your previous career. This is the phase where you will need tons of self-motivation and determination. So be ready mentally as well financially.



Thorough research:


It is very important to have all aspects of your career search figure out beforehand. Like which career to choose, where to start, how to prepare for the same and what are the long-term growth prospects. LinkedIn can be a great help in this, you can connect with people and get your queries solved.



Find out what additional skills you need:


After research, you will get to know what skills you need to learn. For that, you might need to attend some classes or join some courses or maybe take an internship or go for job shadowing. You have to brush up your transferable skills.



Have a proper plan in place:


Once you have decided which career you want to move on, make a strategy on how to enter that career as getting an entry is the most difficult part. Do not quit your current job yet, allocate some time to prepare for your next career move.



Start off small:


Once you are done with your research and have gathered all required skill sets, then its time to start by taking small steps. Network with people and ask them to give you a job recommendation. If not full-time then start with a part-time job or maybe with an internship.



Find our new opportunities:


Connect with ex-colleagues, LinkedIn contacts, alumni network or take help of recruitment consultancies to find out new opportunities. Try to check if there is an opportunity in your current company itself and if you can move within the same company. As it can save you from a lot of stress as you will be working in a known environment, however, it completely depends on your previous experience with the company


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