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How Complacency Can Kill Your Career


Have you started feeling like your workplace is your second home? You are friends with your colleagues and your boss and you get along well with each other. You are getting results without making too many efforts. That sounds great, right? As most of the people struggle to fit in their workplace.


Everything looks great. You seem comfortable in your workplace. But when this comfort becomes complacency and affects you from expanding your horizon then this poses a serious risk to your career.




Your Job is killing you




If you are unable to identify the signs then this checklist can help you-




  • You are working on something which is not in alignment with your long-term goals, but since your job is comfortable you feel reluctant to take a hard look at your work and keep doing it.



  • You are able to get results without making too many efforts not because you are a great performer, but because of the fact, that you are doing the same kind of work from quite a long time and there is nothing new to add. This situation requires serious and immediate action as it will put you in a stagnant zone and it will be extremely difficult for you to come out of it.



  •  You don’t see a future here. You can clearly see that people who have worked in your organization for many years are still in the same role or have not been promoted. And you can sense that you might be in the same situation still, you keep telling yourself “everything is fine as of now” and by doing this you are silently choosing comfort over growth.



  •  Somewhere in your heart, you know that by staying in this job you are not doing any justice to your potential. You want bigger things in life and in your career but at the same time, you don’t want to leave the comfort of your current job. So your mind is at conflict and by staying in this job you are not being true to yourself. This guilt of not following your dreams will affect you slowly and you will start losing confidence.



  • Your biggest reason to stay in this job is that your company is paying your well. You are working with a small client or may be in a technology or in a role, which is not going to help you much in your future growth yet you continue as you feel like if you are getting good money then what the heck. That’s where your attitude is wrong. Think of it in this way- you might be making money now by doing not so important work, but what after 2-3 years, do you think every other company will offer you this much money for the work which does not hold much value. Being overpaid also hamper your growth and prospects of job change in the future.





So being complacent is not going to take you anywhere. It’s better to acknowledge your situation and take a step for the job change or may be a shift in career.




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