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How To Prepare Yourself For New Job (Even When You Are Not Looking For One)


You love your job !!! That’s a great news.


Do you see yourself working here for the rest of your lives? You are not sure about this, right?


No matter how much you like your job, you should never stop doing some groundwork for making the next move. Because when an exciting opportunity knocks at your door, you don’t want to be unprepared.



Here are a few things which you can do on a regular basis to prepare yourself for the next big opportunity :



1. Make connections :


Be active, explore new things, meet and connect with new people. Never stop expanding your professional connections. And not only connect with people, keep the connection active. Talk to these people, learn about their career path and maintain a good professional relationship with them.




2. Note down your results :


Interviewer love to hear stories about how you tackle any challenging situation or a tough client etc. But when you spend many years in the organization you keep forgetting such instances. So start writing down your achievements, your client experiences, instances of how you dealt with any critical situation etc. or anything which is your proud accomplishment.



3. Keep yourself updated :


You get a chance to work on some critical technology but only as a shadow resource. You got to do a small amount of work which is not that relevant, but if it is something which can make a huge difference to your profile then take initiative, learn about it and work on it. Do not hesitate to learn new skills and any skill which is an extension of your current skills, even if your organization is not working on those skills.


With the dynamic corporate situations, it won’t take much time to a role or technology to get redundant and when this happens you don’t want to be unprepared.



4. Work on yourself :


Never get content in your job and get complacent with the fact that you are a good fit for your organization and great in your work. As this complacency will put you in a comfort zone and you will find it too difficult to move out even when you find yourself not growing in your organization.



5. Have a professional development plan :


Make a professional development plan about the kind of technologies, projects you want to work on, kind of position you want to handle, how you wanna rise in professional hierarchy etc.

This exercise will give you a clear picture of your future and also will clear the fact that your current company fits in that picture or not. You can start exploring other organization or industries which can be more fit into your bigger future picture.



6. Keep track of market and industry : 


In today’s world, everything keeps changing fast. It won’t much time to your skills and technologies get obsolete. So keeping track of market activities, industries, and new technologies will keep you alert. You will know in advance what to learn next.



So in short for growing and surviving you should stay away from complacency and always stay prepared for your next move.






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