How to avoid career disasters/failure
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How To Protect Yourself From Unexpected Career Disasters


Career disaster can happen to anyone either because of your own mistakes or because of external factors such as a bad economy, political changes, new technologies etc.


This HBR survey explains the way people react to career disasters and what kind of attitude can help them overcome this.


But here in this article, we will discuss, what one can do to avoid career disasters to happen. And what competencies or attitude one should build to protect themselves from making mistakes that can lead to career disasters.


Tips to avoid Career disasters failure



Not Keeping Yourself Updated:



The world is changing fast and if you are not keeping yourself and your skills updated, it won’t take much time for your skills to get obsolete. So regular learning and keeping an eye on new things is essential for you to grow or to grab new opportunities. Try to remain one step ahead of others  and seize the opportunities before them.

For instance, those who understood the advantages of social media marketing way before others are now a market leader in that space.




Being Too Complacent :



You need to assess your situation whether you feel really happy about your workplace/work or you are stuck in a comfort zone. As this comfort will give birth to complacency, which is a serious career growth killer.



Blind Faith In Your Company And Industry :


You trust your company and its growth, you believe the industry you are in is growing. But if history has taught us anything then you should know it won’t take much time for a business or an industry to get wiped off quickly. Take the example of Nokia, once the market leader in cellphones and now nowhere to be seen.

So it’s better to keep your eyes and ears open. If you sense any sign of disruption then make a fast move.



No Career Planning :


Career planning gives you a path to follow. It helps you in keeping a track of your professional life and gives you more clarity about your goal and future options. As career planning involves a lot of industry and opportunity research, it can save you from shocks, surprises, and confusion if you suddenly lost your job as you will be having a lot of information already handy.



Not Knowing Your Market Worth : 


Are you underpaid or overpaid? Being underpaid will make you look like a non-performer in others’ eyes and it will kill your motivation to work and self-esteem over the years. And if you are overpaid then it will make it difficult for you to justify your skills and experience against your compensation during the job change. So not getting compensation as per your market worth can prove disastrous.

So know your market worth by doing industry research, networking and also there are lots of websites such as monster, glassdoor, pay scale, paycheck etc. They can give you salary data as per your skills, experiences, and industry.



No Networking : 


You must have heard a thousand times how networking can help you grow in your professional life. Not only it can help you grow, it can also save you in troubled times. So if you are still the one who shy away from attending conferences, do not maintain a professional presence on LinkedIn then its high time to reconsider your networking skills.

Apart from new opportunities and clients, you can get a lot of market updates and information which can help you prepare for any upcoming changes in your industry.



So these strategies can help you to save yourself or at least can keep you prepared to face any situation, which can prove to be a career disaster.







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