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Check List To Analyse If It’s Time For Job Change


Let’s admit job change is a hectic process. The whole process can drain your energy and if you are not careful with your choices, you could end up feeling demotivated. That is one of the main reasons people keep ignoring signs of a need for the job change and continue doing the work, which no longer gives them the kind of professional growth they require.



Some people are quick to see warning signs however, others take time to acknowledge the facts that their job is not doing any favor to them.



So even if you are feeling content at your job, then also this article is for you because you might be one of those persons who are not able to see the signs and accept the fact that you need a job change.



So here is a quick checklist for you to analyze your current job situation and see those warning signs –


Warning Signs For Job Change



Analyse your growth-


  • How many new skills you have learned in this job?
  • Do you have anything new to add in your resume?
  • How many promotions have you received so far?
  • Do you see your future here?
  • How much your colleagues have grown professionally?


Analyse your organization’s work culture-


  • Does work environment motivate you in a positive way?
  • Do you feel your senior inspires you?
  • Do you get constructive feedback on your work?
  • Does your organization care for your professional growth? Do they provide regular training, certifications, and workshops to their employees?



Analyse your behavior-


  • Are you constantly complaining?
  • Do you feel stressed on a regular basis?
  • Do you feel no excitement at all about going to work?
  • Do you simply lack passion and motivation and dread about making any change?
  • Do you not want to get assigned to any additional work or challenging roles?
  • Is your job affecting your personal life?



Analyse the perks of being in this job-


  • Are you being fairly compensated?
  • Are you getting good benefits apart from salary?
  • How is work-life balance?
  • How good are your company policies towards its employees?




Answering all those questions will give you clarity about your current job situation and will answer your question about whether you need a job change or not.


Signs You Need A Job Change



-The Career Sailor


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