Professional Networking And It's Advantage
Career Planning

How Networking Can Open Doors Of Success For You


In almost everything you have read or heard about career growth, must be having one thing in common that is an emphasis on networking.



Ivan Misner (Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI ) says in his article : Definition of networking keeps changing and the most suitable definition as per today’s corporate world is “The process of developing and activating your relationships to increase your business, enhance your knowledge, expand your sphere of influence or serve the community.”




This article is just a reminder of tons of benefits associated with professional networking. Also how you can explore your network and advance in your career. And if you are not into networking then why you should start working towards it-




Professional Networking Advantage




Access To Valuable Insights :



There are so many things happening around us which can affect our career. If you are not doing networking, you are limiting yourself to your own opinions about all the events happening in your industry or in the market or in economy etc. But with networking, you can get the benefits of having access to different views of different people.


This access will give you knowledge of people’s different perspective about the same situation. And this will extend your opinion about things and will also help you in planning your next move.





Learn From Experts:


There is nothing more valuable than a wisdom from an experienced professional from your field. Things which you might learn after years of experiences, you can learn directly from experts. And this is what networking is all about. You learn from other’s mistakes, closely follow experts’ career and get your queries solved.




Self Promotion:



The best place to market yourself and spread the word about your achievements, new learnings, skills, and knowledge is within your network.

And the way social media and its algorithm works, you will be amazed to see how the person or the organization who might need these skills or expertise will get to know about you. And might open a door of fantastic opportunity for you.




Hidden Job Opportunities:



Many times companies do not float job requirement in the market and they only circulate it to internal employees. Networking can give you access to these job openings.

And companies prefer those candidates who are coming from known sources, that is why your chances of selection are higher if you are referred by someone from the same company.




Sales Leads:



You can come across great deals through networking, deals which are otherwise difficult to find. It can help you in finding new leads for your business and sales by connecting you with new customers and potential clients.




Career Planning:



Career planning requires a lot of research and while doing all this you will come across a lot of queries. You can get these queries solved easily from your network. From them, you can get to know about real-time experiences and can find out which career path is best suitable for you.




 Finding Fresh Talent :


The way others can find you, in the same way, you can find those whom you are seeking. Networking can help you find people with exact skills, experience along with a trustworthy recommendation. So it’s always a win-win situation.




Recommendations :


Getting a recommendation to fetch a new deal or job and giving recommendations to others is another benefit that comes with networking.

And we all know the importance of recommendations and how they can work in your favor.



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