Common Networking Mistakes
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Common Networking Mistakes To Avoid


Networking and its benefits are widely known. Still, many professionals complain about not getting enough support from their network.



Result – they start losing their faith in networking and choose not to put any more efforts in that. And that’s how they lose many other opportunities which might have come in their ways if they had done networking better.



It takes a lot of time and efforts to build a trust for networking, but few networking mistakes can make all this go in vain.  Now let’s find out what are these networking mistakes so you can save yourself from making them while networking.



Common Networking Mistakes –




Not Keeping It Professional :


Networking is about building a professional relationship. So few things such as asking intrusive questions about others’ personal life, talking too much about your own personal life, bringing topics like religion, politics etc in the discussion, which can be offensive or uncomfortable to others are a total nay.


Learn to draw a line while talking to someone in your network. You don’t want to appear as someone who is nosy and pry into others life.




Being Too Persistent :


Following up is always appreciated but consistent follow-up will annoy others. Thinking that the other person in your network is always available for you is one of the biggest mistakes people make.


Give people some space and time to respond to your requests and messages.


Else you will create an image of that annoying fellow whom everyone wants to avoid facing and meeting.




Not Showing Genuine Interest In Other People: 


We get it one of the benefits of networking is self-promotion, but don’t be one of the people, who take it too seriously and only talks about herself/ himself.


If you are not making other people feel valued by talking only about yourself then you should forget to fetch any benefits from networking.




Not Helping Others :


Yes, networking comes with benefits, but these benefits should be mutual.


You can’t always keep asking for favors. And disappear when other people ask something from you.


So the rule of networking is helping each other grow and if you are not abiding by this rule then not expect anything out of networking.




Always With An Agenda : 


Don’t let people start perceiving you as someone who always has an agenda. Having an agenda is not bad, but what set other people off is when you are too obvious about it.


Learn how to spark interest in other people mind about whatever you want to speak or ask from them and let it look natural.




Avoiding above networking mistakes can make you perfect in professional networking.


Networking Mistakes To Avoid




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