How To Answer "Why Do You Want To Join Our Company"
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Why Do You Want To Join Our Company : How To Answer It Differently (Sample Answers Included)


One of the most common interview questions is “Why do you want to join our company”. Such questions seem so simple and yet so confusing to answer. As there are a variety of things to tell so what to include and what to exclude creates confusion.


There are many ways to answer such common interview questions. But what is the best way?


Best way to answer such question is to avoid answering them in an ordinary cliché way as most candidates do. 

So avoid –


  • Sharing the detailed history of the company.
  • Talking in detail about whatever you have read in the “About Us” section.
  • Expressing over enthusiasm to join the company.
  • Simply praising the company endlessly.


Questions like “Why do you want to join our company” serves great opportunity to prove that you are different from the rest of the crowd. How? By answering it in a slightly different and genuine manner.



With this question “Why do you want to join our company” interviewers have these objectives – To check your genuine interest level, your understanding of the role and the company and your awareness about your own capabilities.


So a plain, simple answer will not give you any benefit. In fact, the interviewer will easily forget that or worse he won’t even listen to it after 1-2 lines.


Now let’s learn how to frame a different and interesting answer of “Why do you want to join our company”


How To Answer "Why Do You Want To Join Our Company" With Sample Answers


Grab Interviewer’s Attention –


Interviewers ask this question on daily basis, after hearing 1-2 lines they get the understanding of if the candidate is being genuine or not.


So the best way to grab interviewer’s attention is disclosing those facts about the company which is not easily accessible to everyone. (Which you can gather from intensive research about the company: Read thisthis)


This will immediately gather interviewer’s attention because now he/she will know that you have made some real efforts to know the company.


You can talk about the company’s financial status, new products, projects, clients etc. (Depends on your work area)


This is a sure shot way to impress the interviewer, as only those who are genuinely interested in the role will do such extensive study.



Link Your Professional Growth With Company’s Growth –


Interviewers understand the fact that you will join the company only if it is favorable to your professional growth. So they want to know your perspective on things that how joining this company will be advantageous to you. Or how well you can align the company’s current position with your professional growth plan. (Learn about career planning here) 


So you need to give a convincing answer which covers this aspect also in a good manner.


Here are few sample answers of the question “Why you want to join our company”. These answers can give a framework or an idea on how to prepare a good answer to this question.



How To Answer "Why Do You Want To Join Our Company" With Sample Answers




Sample Answer 1


I am really impressed with the kind of growth the company has been achieving. In such a short span of time, this company has become a market leader and it is one of the highest profit-making company in this sector (Throw some figures here). And for me, at this stage of my career, where I am open to learning new things, ready to face new challenges and totally geared up for a fast pacing culture, this company is a perfect match.

This role will give me chance to utilize learnings of, all kind of technologies (Name Technologies name here) I have learned in the last few years, in a totally different environment. And moreover, I will get to learn all those new technologies your company has started working on (Name few here) , which has always been part of my career plan.

So for me, this company seems to be a right place to be.


Sample Answer 2 – 


If you ask why not this company, then I will be short of an answer. I have ample reasons to join this company. Great work culture, perfect work-life balance and most importantly I will be getting to work on a profile which fits perfectly in my career aspirations. I have some of your current employees in my network and they told me how much this company appreciates the good work and provide growth opportunities. (You may throw some examples if asked).

And another big reason is I know about the clients your company has recently acquired (mention names here) and working for those clients going to be very beneficial for me for advancing in my career. So for me, this company is a perfect match and I will get to join this, then I am going to give my 200% to this company.


Sample Answer 3 – 


I am the person who believes that you devote the half of your life to your work. So my prime focus is to join a company, where I find job role passionate enough.  So after careful consideration, I have chosen this role and company. I have worked with few big companies earlier, but as you know your contribution always remain limited in such companies. So lately I have wanted to be a part of the company which is in a growing phase and promotes open-work culture, flat hierarchy, and fast decision-making. Here in this role, I will get to work directly with top management and this is going to give me a lot of learning. I will be getting to observe very closely how exactly a company run. So I see this company as a great place for me at this point of my career.



So by answering common interview question like “Why do you want to join our company” or “Why do you want to work here” in a different and extraordinary manner, you can increase your selection chances drastically.




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