"Tell me about your strengths" how to answer this interview question
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“Tell Me About Your Strengths” – Learn Unique Way To Answer This


There are some interview questions which are not difficult to answer.  Everyone can answer them. As there are no right or wrong answers to them.


But what’s great about such questions is that they present a great opportunity to present yourself a bit differently from others.


One such question is “Tell me about your strengths”


Doesn’t sound difficult right? Far better than when the interviewer asks about your weakness.


Learn How To Answer Tell Me About Your Weaknesses


But that’s the catch, there are many ways to answer this but you have to find out the best way. Every candidate will answer this, so you have to make sure that you leave the mark with your answer.



So let’s find out how to frame a perfect answer to the question “Tell me about your strengths”



Answer of Interview Question "Tell Me About Your Strengths"



Which Strengths To Talk About :


You must be having many strengths. It can be kindness, writing skills or anything. But you can not share those. You have to pick out those strengths which are work-related, beneficial to your organization. and in some way can contribute to your productivity.


So your being a good writer might be your strength. But if you are a technical person who never has to write in his career, then do not share that.


So stick to 3-4 work-related strengths only.



How To Find Job-Related Strengths :


  • Read the job description carefully.


  • Look at other professionals profiles on LinkedIn and check out their skills.


  • Choose strengths which make your negative points look less negative. (If you are an introvert, then before interviewer think it is your weakness, explain to them how it is one of your biggest strengths)


Other examples – Communication, Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Good Coder, Adaptability, Dedication, Analytical thinking, Flexibility, Work ethics, Persistence etc.



How To Share Them :


Do not just list out your strengths.


You have to explain how this particular quality is your strength. And for that, you have to share some past incidents about how this quality has become your strength or maybe how it has saved you in past, or how much contribution it has in your success etc.


Basically, you have to make the answer interesting and memorable. Sharing stories around your strengths is a great way to do that. And it also delivers assurance to the interviewer that how your strengths can play a pivotal part in your work.



Back Up Your Strengths In Rest Of The Interview : 


Its obvious interviewer wants to know how much self-awareness you have. So sharing about your strengths is not just a one-time thing. There will be many points in an interview where the interviewer will be cross-checking the strengths you have shared in this answer.


Make sure you do not do or say anything in the interview which contradicts what you say in this answer.


Saying I am team player as one of your strengths and then later in an interview claiming that I work best as an individual contributor raises the flag.



What Not To Do :


  • Talk about too basic or generic strengths, pick specific skills.


  • Strengths which you not able to justify.


  • Strengths which are of no use to the employer.



Sample Answer of “Tell me about your strengths” :


“My biggest strengths have been my adaptability and learning ability. If you look at my resume I have done graduation in science and started working in the Pharma industry and now I have moved to IT. I have been able to do that transition smoothly because of my flexible nature, adaptability and fast learning ability.  And I believe in today’s fast pacing era where everything keeps changing fast especially technology – these strengths of mine are the reason I am confident enough that whatever new things will come along in my way, I will be able to learn them fast. And also these strengths has helped me never to get confined to any comfort zone, and that is why I am always open to new learnings.

Another strength I would say is my analytical thinking, It helped me a lot not only in solving my personal problems but also work-related issues. I won’t say I am best when it comes to analytical thinking but for me definitely, it is a strength. Especially when last year our project got stuck due to some bug related problem, and I solved it single-handedly and this saved me and my team in front of the client. Since then I am reading and learning a lot about analytical thinking and continuously working on building up this strength.”


So by this answer candidate focused on one most important work-related skill (As per job description it is analytical skills), to save himself from too many questions, he himself has said he is not claiming he is the best but for him, it is his strength.


His resume is full of career changes before interviewer points that out and consider that his instability. He projected it as one of his strength and points out how this is what today’s world demands.



So if you learn to play your cards right, the answer to “tell me about your strengths” can be a game changer for you.






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