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Negotiation Mistakes : Know What Can Stop You From Winning A Negotiation


It takes a lot to be an amazing negotiator, and it is worth it since you need negotiation skills in always every step of corporate life. Being a good negotiator pays for itself. Whether it’s an appraisal discussion, a client deal, salary negotiation etc, a good negotiation will give you a deal of your choice.


Negotiation is like chess you have to play each move meticulously, and few negotiation mistakes can ruin your efforts before you know it.


Now let’s talk about what are these negotiation mistakes people generally make which stops them from being good in negotiation.


Negotiation Mistakes


Negotiation Mistakes To Avoid-



Not gathering enough information :



You can not negotiate properly if you don’t know everything about your opponent. Having all the information in hand will help you in planning your moves in advance. Lack of it will leave you blank at many points or will let you make a short-sighted move. And your opponent will not take much time to understand this and take advantage of your situation.





Not listening carefully :



And even if you have done your part of research before coming for negotiation, remember to listen carefully during negotiation. Talking too much and not listening to others is not gonna be beneficial for you.

If you listen carefully, you will get many clues about opponent strategy, you will get an idea about areas where they can compromise, things they need urgently or things about which they can be flexible.

So paying close attention to what your opponent is saying or conveying will help a lot in presenting your case strongly



Making assumptions :



Negotiation is all about figures, facts etc. So there is no room for making an assumption. If you are leaving some points behind in discussion by merely assuming that these points are not gonna help you or your opponent must be having a befitting reply to that so you should not raise them. That’s where you are wrong and that’s what is the sign of your lack of preparedness. In negotiation, you need to use all the available information in your advantage so failing to use information by not mentioning is not going to give you any positive points.




Lacking confidence or tenacity :



If you are not confident then the opponent will not take much time to get an upper hand on you. And tenacity is what gives you the power to be persistent in your negotiation. And together these qualities will make you look assertive and powerful. So tenacity and confidence hold paramount importance in negotiation, lack of any of these or both of them will guarantee your failure in negotiation.




Not knowing your worth and your priorities :



If you are not clear about what you want from this negotiation, what are the areas where you can compromise and what are the things where you can not compromise, then you are not going to get the best from the negotiation.

Same applies if you are going into a negotiation without knowing your market worth. Without being aware of the fact that what benefits another party will be going to get if they onboard you or your services, you will not be able to present a good argument.


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Not proposing a solution :



Remember negotiation is not about winning or losing. It is about reaching a win-win situation. So if you want to modify their offer you have to give them some mutually beneficial alternative. If you keep talking about your benefits only then your opponent will soon lose interest.




Not able to justify your demands :



It’s easy to ask for something but for convincing your opponent that your demands are genuine, you have to present a solid case with facts and figures.


And for that, you have to first build trust and then you have to prove to them that even if they meet your demands they will be the one who will be profitable as the benefits they will be getting from associating with you, will be huge.



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Making Spontaneous decision & giving an ultimatum or saying “NO” too quickly.



As mentioned earlier negotiation is about reaching a mutually beneficial conclusion. So if you are too rigid about your demands or if you start with an ultimatum then negotiation is not going to proceed further.

Same applies if instead of presenting your case or presenting a viable argument, you are just closing the negotiation by saying “No” or maybe” Yes” too quickly. Always take time to think through and never make on the spot final decisions during negotiation.




By avoiding these negotiation mistakes you can improve your negotiation skills and can win any negotiation.


Watch this negotiation scene from the movie “Job” which is based on the inspiring journey of Steve Jobs.






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