Learn everything about emotional intelligence at work place

Emotional Intelligence : How It Can Make You Successful At Workplace


The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) came into existence in 90’s and since then it has gained immense attention by psychologist all around the world.


Later it made a big buzz in the business world. Hence employers nowadays prefer hiring those, whose EQ levels are high.


So in this article, we are going to cover everything about emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence? Why it is important at the workplace? and how to check your EQ level etc.




What Is Emotional Intelligence :



In simple words, Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions as well as others’ emotion. Along with the ability to manage and control your emotions and influence others’ emotions.



Its five elements self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy & social skills make the person capable of reading the CORRECT reasons behind his emotions and other’s emotion.


The word “CORRECT” plays an important role here, as most of the times we are not clear or we make wrong assumptions about what triggers our emotions or others’ emotions. So emotional intelligence bring that clarity in our mind. Which further results in less stress, less conflict, better productivity, more focus and most important better relationships with others.




Emotional Intelligence and workplace success




How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You



Understanding other people :


We deal with people, whether it’s a workplace or personal life so understanding them in a better way makes things far simpler. How?


Once you understand other people’s emotions and the reasons behind it, you will easily interpret their action. It will help you in making your decisions faster and taking your own actions in control.



Understanding yourself :


If you are not able to manage your emotions then it leads to clouded judgment, irrational thoughts, over thinking and this all hamper your decision-making capability. Without processing our emotions properly we act too quickly. Basically, a lack of emotional intelligence creates an imbalance between our emotions and rational thinking.


And when you understand your emotions, you not only can control your actions but also understand the impact of other people’s behavior on you. So You know when to withdraw yourself from a conversation or from other people or when to engage etc.


This puts you in control, makes you in charge of your action and behavior. With high emotional intelligence, you know how to save yourself from an emotional tailspin. Which in turn saves your energy and makes you productive.




Gauge Your Emotional Intelligence Level –



Ask these questions to yourself, you will get a basic idea of your emotional intelligence level.


  • Are you able to handle conflicts well?
  • How effectively you can manage stress?
  • Do you keep yourself motivated even under pressure?
  • Are you able to keep yourself away from things and people who annoy you and drain your energy?
  • Can you understand other people’s behavior and what triggers them?
  • Are you aware of your strengths and shortcomings?
  • Can you stop yourself to go into an emotional tailspin?



Take emotional intelligence tests, which are easily available online: One such test is here.



Emotional Intelligence At Work Place –



Employers nowadays preferring people with higher EQ. As people with high EQ are not only highly productive but also make the workplace a better place by –


  • Making sound business decisions and effective client management.
  • Better interaction with colleagues and effective team management.
  • Resolving conflicts in a better way.
  • Bringing more productivity.
  • Better stress management.



So in today’s corporate world, emotional intelligence has become one of the most desirable quality in an employee by the employer. Having high emotional intelligence level is not only required to achieve professional success but also to have a content personal life.







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