How To Answer "Why Should We Hire You"
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Why Should We Hire You : Learn How To Answer Along With Sample Answers


When an interviewer asks “Why should we hire you”


The most honest answer to this question is “Because I need this job and you also need to hire someone and we are a good match”


Sadly you can’t be that straightforward. But yes, you have to frame your answer on these lines only.


*How Much You Need This Job.

*How Valuable You Will Be For The Company

*Your Fitment Against The Role



Now let’s find out how to make this answer impressive and on the point –


You must have done a lot of research about the role or company.

If not then click here to read why it is important.

And based on that research, you must have gathered a fair idea- what the role is all about, what exactly the company need in a resource and what kind of culture the company has.



Now all you have to do this is highlight few key points about job role and company culture in your answer. And with examples or situations you have to prove that you are the person who can do the job well, who will be committed to the company as this role fits into your long-term goals.



Along with this, you have to indicate that you are also a great cultural fit. You need to mention some unique skills which other candidates might not be having. And if you can propose a solution to any of their problem, then this will give you additional bonus points.



Now let’s check out some sample answers framed on the basis of above-mentioned points. These answers are basic frameworks, you can modify them as per your skills, qualification, experience and applied role etc.


Why Should We Hire You

Sample Answers –


  • When I got a call for an interview, I have done a lot of study about the company, its growth prospects, job profile etc and found this company perfectly fits into my future growth plan. And I am the person who is extremely future-focused, So one thing is for sure that I am going to give my 200% there. (Proved his stability). Another thing which I have noticed that the company is looking forward to overhauling some processes so my recent certification in BPR can be helpful in that (Offered something additional). And about job qualification and experience requirement, you and I both have to agree that my profile ticked all the boxes. (Fitment against job role)


  • As this position is for leading a project, and you must have seen in my resume I have extensive experience of working in a similar kind of project within the same industry. However, that project was led by my manager, but he has mentored me so well and has given me the chance to led 2-3 times. I have done that successfully which results in successful completion of our project way before the timeline. This has given me a lot of confidence and made me ready to lead a project all by myself. This experience will help me to forecast problems way before and prepare for resolutions as I already know the challenges. So I am confident that not only I can lead the project successfully, I can complete it way before time and in a cost-effective way. (Proved his fitment and assured that he will continue company’s tradition of delivering projects within timeline)


  • Customer relationship management has always been my forte and my recent training in that has made me even more skilled. And as per my analysis, this is the area where your sales team is struggling a bit. So I think my expertise can fill this gap and can improve the sales target at least 20% by retaining old customers effectively. (Offered a solution with figures). Apart from that, in this role, I will be getting a team to handle which is something I have been really looking forward to, as in these next few years I am keen to build my managerial and leadership capabilities. ( Shared how keen he is for the job). I am a big admirer of open-work culture which promotes open communication, flat hierarchy, and creativity as it fits perfectly with my work pattern and keeps me motivated and productive. So in this way, I see myself a perfect match for this position.





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