Learn how to reprogram your mind for success

Learn How To Reprogram Your Mind


Have you ever been in that phase or maybe you still are in that, where no matter how much you push yourself, you just can not initiate action and you feel like you and your mind both are going in opposite direction. You want things but you are not making efforts, or you just feel so confused all the time. Or maybe you are making efforts but not getting any results. Or your mind always talks your self out of doing anything.



Whatever situation you are in if you feel like you and your mind are not in sync with each other then it’s time to reprogram your mind.


And for that, you need to first understand how our mind works.


You must be aware of the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is what makes 10% of our mind. It is that portion of the mind which takes care of our daily actions specifically those actions and decision which does not involve deep thinking. Whatever you do or think in a present situation is your conscious mind. Like walking, working on a project, driving etc.



While the subconscious mind is where all information, memories, feelings, thoughts remain stored. It makes up 90% of your mind. It is what drives your behavior, belief system, thoughts, and actions. Like what you think of yourself, your perception about others and your life etc.




The interesting thing is how subconscious mind frame all this. It frames everything based on what you keep telling yourself consciously or unconsciously. It does not filter any thoughts, it just absorb them and then frame an outlook based on these thoughts. And then let these thoughts grow and convert them into belief system.



For instance – even if almost everything is positive in your life but you choose to focus on only one negative aspect. And keep thinking about it, then your subconscious mind will nurture that thought and create a belief system that you are not good enough. And this will start affecting your actions and behaviors.



So basically to reprogram your mind, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind.



Reprogram your mind



It has been proven scientifically that If you can train your subconscious mind successfully in the right direction then you can enhance your productivity, focus and can achieve success and overall happiness in life.



Stop yourself from becoming expert of distraction – let your mind know what is important and what is not.


In today’s world, we are exposed to an overdose of information, and we also allow our mind to jump from one information to another in an uncontrolled manner and without even realizing how much hazardous all this is. Email, instant chats, photo sharing, social media, and many other things just keep distracting us. You are working and you suddenly check your phone and start watching an interesting video. You think what is the harm in that, it’s a 5 min video, what you do not know is that distraction gives your mind the signal that other things are more important than your work and if you observe carefully you will realize that keep doing such thing will make you very prone to distraction.


So first you need to change your behavior towards things which need your undivided attention. So that your mind does not get confused.



Follow this one tip backed by psychologists all around the world –


This tip is to use affirmations to program your mind.

As per psychology, affirmations is a practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment.

An effective affirmation must be made up of three elements: Word, Visualization, and Feeling.

For example – I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to or I have trust and confidence in myself.

Or It can be anything which you want in life.

But this affirmation must be clear, you need to say it out loud to yourself many times a day and visualize it. Visualization is important to send a clear command to your mind and you need to do that with a strong feeling so that your mind understand its importance and give it priority over other random thoughts.



Use this simplest method –


Writing down your goals, as simple as it sounds as effective this practice is.

It is like reminding your brain the bullet points, and then it automatically remembers everything related to your goals and pushes you towards that direction.

And these goals should be linked to your affirmations or the bigger goals you want to achieve.

For example – If you see yourself living in a big house. So the things which should be clearly communicated to your mind is – I want a big house, to buy a big house I need money, to earn money I have to work hard, and to work hard I have to do so and so things as they will take me closer to my goals.

Do not assume that your brain already knows these things, It might know these things but more you remind it, more it will work towards achieving these things.

The more precise you are, the stronger your vision of success will be, and this will make your brain come up with ways to turn that vision into reality.

So writing down your goals is the simplest yet most effective conditioning tool for your subconscious mind.



Meditation –


As mentioned earlier our mind is cluttered with so many unnecessary information. And in our busy lives, we remain in touch with our conscious mind but lose touch with the unconscious mind. And without direction, this mind makes up its own beliefs and make us act on them.

So being in touch with the subconscious mind should be part of our daily routine and the best way to do it is by meditation.

Few minutes of meditation can connect you with your mind and enhance your focus, you will start discriminating important and unimportant things.



Have a morning routine –


Morning is the best time to program your mind. If you do the same thing daily morning your mind automatically follow the rest of the routine.

So if you want to change anything about yourself you first need to change your morning routine.

Waking up and picking your phone is the worst thing we can do to our mind. Because so much information at the start of the day will confuse your mind and you will lack clarity throughout your day.

That’s why setting up goals exercise, meditation, affirmations should be done in the morning itself and if you can add some physical exercises, walking and eating healthy food in your morning routine. Then your mind will get programmed in working towards the right direction. As these, all practices will give it direction for the day and healthy food and exercise will work as a fuel for it.



Taking actions and following up –


You have set up an impeccable morning routine but if you are not taking action in that direction then again your mind will get misdirected.



Your action should be in the same frequency as your thoughts because that’s the only way to reconfirm your mind the importance of your goals and things you want in life.


Our brain has a tendency to listen to negative thoughts first then positive thoughts. So you need to repeat the affirmations daily many times.


By doing all these exercises, slowly you will start understanding what stimuli cause your brain to react. You will start understanding the pattern in which your mind works. And once you start understanding your mind, things will become clearer to you, taking actions will become easier for you. You will know how to stop yourself from falling into the trap of unnecessary thoughts and emotions.



So the exercises to reprogram your mind is not about taking it under your control. It is about making your actions, thoughts, behavior in sync with your mind.






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